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March 25, 2019

Cape Cod Vacation Rental Guide



This How-To Guide Will Make Your Home a Profitable Vacation Rental

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Over the last few years, there has been an explosion in the popularity of home rentals. This is good news if you live in an area people love to visit, or if you’re considering purchasing a home in a tourist area. With some smart decisions and strategic upgrades, preparing your home to rent as a vacation property can be a great investment.


#1  Decide on a Location

If you’re in the market for a vacation property, Cape Cod is a perfect area to own a vacation home because it has long been a popular travel destination. Rentals are in high demand here, which makes it a good investment either to purchase a new property or turn your existing home into a rental.


Along with a hot rental market, there are a few other factors to consider when looking for the right location. It helps to find a home in the most desirable area your budget allows. That could be convenience to the beach, a walkable urban area, or a resort community. Many tourists want to rent a home that looks and feels upscale, and the right neighborhood or resort community can really add value.


#2  Don’t Overlook Legal and Financial Requirements


Money Inc suggests researching whether there are local tax laws or zoning ordinances that may impact whether your home can be a vacation rental. A good real estate agent can take care of these questions easily. You also want to set a realistic budget that includes not only the cost of the home but also the cost of any upgrades and maintenance.


#3  Make a List of the Best Upgrades and Amenities

No matter how great the rental market is, you will have the most success keeping your home rented (and getting the best return on your investment) when it has features that make it stand out.


       Invest in Quality: According to The Wirecutter, renters are looking for amenities like bedding and towels that are high-end hotel quality. This doesn’t mean you have to go top of the line, but make sure that everything is of high quality and maximizes comfort.

       Know Your Market: Before decorating and deciding on the amenities you provide, it’s good to have a feel for the type of person who will be visiting. You can decide on the type of audience you cater to, like making it adults-only or family-friendly, or whether to allow pets. This way you can also have the right decor and extras, like family-friendly games, that will be of interest to your guests.

       Spruce Up Outdoor Spaces: If you’ve ever sold a home, you know that curb appeal can make a major impact on buyers. The same holds true for rental properties. Great curb appeal will attract visitors when they see pictures of your home before booking, and it helps to make a great first impression when they arrive. It’s also a good idea to think about outdoor living. A porch that’s equipped for relaxation, firepits, and pools are all outdoor living features that are in high demand.

       Keep it Well-Stocked: When it comes to the finishing touches, be sure to have extras of items that are easily broken and used frequently, such as dinnerware or glassware. Because today’s vacation renters expect hotel quality, it’s also good to provide toiletries, breakfast food, coffee and tea. Think about items that will help guests get the most out of their vacation too. Guests will really be wowed if you provide extras for outdoor fun, like bikes to explore the area and beach supplies in the form of towels and a cooler.


For more ideas, think about the features and amenities that you would love if you were renting the home. It’s important to stick to your budget, but making strategic upgrades and investing in amenities will pay off. Making your home stand out from the crowd is the way to get amazing customer satisfaction, which translates into consistent rental income.



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Jan. 15, 2019

Good Taste is Found on Barnstable Real Estate

Learn the layout of Barnstable real estate one bite at a time. Visitors to the Cape Cod area and residents alike crave good eats. Cape Cod Foodie Tours knows the ins and outs of dining pleasure.

The Hungry in Hyannis Food Tour traverses the streets of everyone’s favorite seaside village. Walks take up to eight people over two and a half miles of easy walking distance. Offered four days a week at noon, hungry souls eagerly await lunchtime dining destinations. Food tastings take place at seven locations and will fill up even the heartiest of appetites. Traditional Cape Cod dishes including New England clam chowder take center stage. Other tastes include Neapolitan pizza, ceviche and Baba Ganoush. Desserts mightily tempt those with a sweet tooth and include chocolate turtles and homemade cookies.

Residents from Barnstable Homes Fill Both Minds and Bellies

Expert guides walk the walk and talk the talk. Locals living the life in Hyannis and beyond, these foodies not only know where culinary treasures hide but the stories beneath the steps. Hear tall tales about the region’s most prominent and colorful characters from “sea captains to the Kennedy’s.” The route winds about town exploring Captain’s Row and parts of the Kennedy Legacy Trail. Amazing sights are seen along the picturesque waterfront. Food tours take place rain or shine so participants coming from Barnstable homes are asked to dress in layers to accommodate changes in the weather.

Private tours are also available for larger parties or those who wish to customize their trip a bit. Many partake of these fun excursions during birthdays, family reunions and bridal party bonding experiences.

Groups meet with their escort up on Main Street. Booking confirmations reveal the exact Barnstable real estate location to start the tour. Reservations are required and can be made online or by calling 800.656.0713. If you are hungry for food or have a thirst for local trivia and knowledge this trip’s for you!


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Jan. 7, 2019

Cape Cod

Welcome to my blog. My goal is to provide you with information about the Cape and Cape Cod Real Estate. Over the next weeks and months you will find tips about how to sell or buy a home, mortgage advice, and some fun Cape Cod facts. I will provide links to things to do and events going on around the cape. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I hope you find this a fun informative blog and come back to visit often.

Summer visitors have been drawn to Cape Cod and the Islands ever since the American Indians came here to take advantage of the weather and bountiful sea. Cape Cod is the premier vacation destination in the North East. Today the region’s scenic beauty is enhanced by many cultural attractions. The Cape’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. The traditional vacation season stretches from early spring and late into the fall. Even the winter has a charm of its own.

Thinking of Cape Cod Massachusetts as a waterfront destination for your family? There are many options to choose from on the Cape, from Mansions to Dune shacks, from Condominiums to Cottages.

If your choice is a Mansion or Cape Cod Estates, there are a variety of price ranges to choose from. Starting at 1 million all the way up to 32 million . There are also many variations of Cape Cod waterfront real estate including, lakefront, pond front and oceanfront. A “Mansion” property obviously requires more care, but the luxury of it is heaven!

Chatham is one of the more expensive towns on the Cape where the average price of a single family house is $1.37 million. One of the reasons being there is not much land left. Chatham is located at the elbow of Cape Cod, and it's 24 square miles are surrounded by the waters of Pleasant Bay, the Atlantic Ocean and Nantucket Sound. Some examples of Chatham Real Estate are a 6,400 square foot, six bedroom, six bath home on Morris Island for $9,995,000, and a 4,000 square foot, seven bedroom home located on Nantucket sound for $4,200,000.

Provincetown is best know as an artist colony with a large gay and lesbian population. In the early 19th century, sea captains built impressive houses along the towns waterfront. Commercial Street is one of “P” towns most famous and unique destinations for shopping and restaurants. It is also one of the main destination for whale watches on the Cape. The” Masthead” is one of the largest waterfront properties in Provincetown. It is operated as a motel with seven buildings and it is the only waterfront property with an extensive lawn between the property and the waterfront. It can be yours for a little over seven million dollars!

One of the most expensive properties on Cape Cod is a ten thousand square foot home in West Hyannis Port for only twenty one million dollars. Next to West Hyannis Port is one of the most exclusive areas of Cape Cod known as “Oyster Harbors”. This gated Island community has been home to many celebrities and CEOs’. If you have to ask the price… you can’t afford to live here!

Now lets go to the opposite spectrum of real estate on the cape.."dune shacks"

These don’t come on the market very often. They usually stay within families, but every once in a while you can find one for sale. These shacks were summer hideaways and artistic retreats for painters, poets ect. These shacks have no electricity, no running water, no toilets, no modern conveniences whatsoever. They are located within the dunes and are very remote. The most famous ones are in the National Seashore but there are many others around the cape.

Weather you are looking to buy or sell Cape Cod waterfront real estate you will need an experienced professional representing you. I have the experience your looking for. Call me for a personal real estate consultation to review your needs. 508-360-6937.

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July 31, 2017

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